b e e  i n  t h e  l i o n

T H E  S T O R Y   

little girl lost 

For most of her childhood Bee felt like the Little Girl Lost. She never really felt at home in the world. Once, when out shopping with her mother and grandmother, she fell down a storm drain. 

​No one noticed. Right from the start she sufered from one particular disadvantage: She was a girl. Her only role in life was to get married.

a refuge

So, she took refuge with a group of imaginary friends in an imaginary world, where she could express herself freely. She'd sing, dance, draw, write and find happiness in that world.

a revelation

Bee eventually found her way to New York and set up her own art dealership. This was exciting and fulfiling, but something was missing.

Then came the turning point. Bee began to volunteer as an art therapist in Lenox Hill Hospital. It was a revelation. She saw how these psychiatric patients, often worn out and broken by life, were able to heal and flourish by accessing their inner creative force. The effect on Bee was profound.

She knew she had to make this her life. She created bee in the lion, and dedicated it to art and creative expression. Today, bee in the lion produces public projects that use art as a tool of self-expression and transformation, allowing us to see art, culture and life in unexpected ways.